Dr. Steven Golla Appointed to Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Join us in recognizing Steven Golla, DVM, MS, on his appointment by Governor Greg Abbott to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners this Summer. Committed to a five-year term, Dr. Golla’s contributions, in addition to his leadership of Innovetive Petcare’s Veterinary Operations team, will allow him to elevate the importance of quality medicine for veterinarians and the industry.

With Dr. Golla’s background as a mixed animal practitioner across the state of Texas, he brings a level of expertise that marries veterinary practice operations with the gold standard of medicine. With experience in emergency care, both in rural and suburban areas across small and large animals, Dr. Golla has the ability to provide fair and appropriate analysis and perspective. Dr. Golla prides himself on making informed decisions in the best interest of animals by educating others on regulations and motivating peers in the industry to make a difference.

“Regulation is very important to protect the public but also provides guidelines to which veterinarians will need to pass. Over-regulation can be a burden, and under-regulation can be a risk to the public. It is about threading the needle the right way,” says Dr. Golla.

Understanding the Texas State Board’s Public Duty

The board’s mission is to establish and implement policies that protect the integrity of quality veterinary medicine and equine-dental provider services for the people of Texas.

With a total of nine members (5 DVMs, 1 LVT, and 3 public), the board’s priority is to review complaints made by the public against veterinarians. If a member of the public feels a veterinarian has committed malpractice, they will oversee a third-party review. This process is critical and where Dr. Golla and his fellow board members contribute to resolution.

Another primary duty of the board is writing rules that can apply to laws. The state board writes these rules by highlighting the critical areas for a board member to use their experience and proficiency, led with an unbiased mindset.

A clear choice for a board position, we are proud to see Dr. Golla step into this new role and career milestone alongside his continued work with Innovetive Petcare.