PetDesk Boot Camp


Viewing “Needs Attention” on your PetDesk Dashboard (Ideal for CSRs and Practice Managers)

(Click here to watch video) 4:54 minutes

Best Practice: CSRs check “Needs Attention” hourly- like email and voicemail-  to address appointment requests, cancellations, and prescription refills.

Using Two-Way Messaging to Update Clients (Ideal for Doctors, Technicians and All Staff) 5:52 minutes

Prescription refills ready? Negative labs? Quick Surgical updates? Learn how to quickly get messages in front of your clients; you can even add pictures! Please watch this short video with sound on.

Best Practice: Check your "Inbox" hourly to ensure no client messages are missed.

Understanding “Pending” Appointments (Click here to watch video) 1:24 minutes

This holds requests in progress, you are awaiting client response.


Viewing/Modifying “Scheduled” Appointments (Click here to watch video) 1:37 minutes

A full record of all your scheduled appointments are found in this tab.


View “Today’s” Clients for Contact Information Capture (Click here to watch video) 1:00 minute

This lists todays’ appointments and details. Set reminder triggers to capture and update their information upon check-in.

Best Practice: Review (or print) this list at the start of the day to note clients that have any Invalid/Missing contact info flags


What is the “Call” List (Click here to watch video) 1:11 minutes

This tab displays clients to contact to confirm appointments for the next day. To the right of each appointment, you'll see whether it is confirmed/unconfirmed.


Understanding PetDesk Admin Mass Messaging, Loyalty, and Stats Dashboard (Field Leaders and Practice Managers)

(Click here to watch video) 6:49 minutes


Understanding Thank You Surveys on PetDesk (Click here to watch video) 1:10 minutes

Managing Client Reviews on your PetDesk Admin Dashboard (Click to watch video) 1:28 minutes

3 days after an appointment, review questions are sent to your clients via app and email. Clients will be able to rate you on a scale of 1 - 10 and leave an optional comment.

You will be notified by email of reviews that scored lower than 7 in order to take necessary action before they go online.


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Sofia Pita, Practice Manager at Springs Veterinary Care in Dripping Springs, TX, just started using PetDesk at her clinic, hear all about her experience: