Redefining Veterinary Lifestyle


You'd be hard put to find someone in the veterinary field that doesn't value the animal interaction, but regardless of that rewarding aspect, it's no easy path. Compassion fatigue and burnout can occur if you're not proactive in preventing these things. We believe people power is critical to fostering successful practices and empowering fulfilled practitioners that are in it for the long haul. We provide tools to help our growing network of practices and practitioners live their best veterinary lives while providing inspired and innovative care.



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Who we are

At Innovetive, “company culture” isn’t just a buzz phrase in PowerPoint presentations. We know the recipe for success, and it’s part of every aspect of our business. Here’s how we get it done.

● We’re Entrepreneurs: We encourage our team to be creative, to confidently make recommendations, and to never be afraid to try new things. With this mindset, we produce results that work and reward.
● We Believe in Respect: People are a priority because success is impossible without compassionate leadership, an appreciation of diversity, and a climate of appreciation.
● We Collaborate: Every idea counts, and everyone has a seat at the table. We actively seek different perspectives to achieve new insights and outcomes.
● We Focus on Growth: We’re not scared of challenges or the gray space outside our comfort zone. We take on the unexpected, which teaches us new skills to grow and revolutionize veterinary medicine.
● We Have Fun: We’re serious about our business, but we also have a fun time doing it. We embrace humor and celebrate victory.
● We’re In This Together: You’re here because you’re passionate about petcare, and we have that in common. Our full-service team is dedicated to providing solutions to practices and their practitioners so they can provide the best, most innovative care to the cats, dogs, and other fur friends that light up our lives.

Most veterinary acquisition groups have a strategy of acquiring practices as quickly and robotically as possible. That’s not how we work. We define success by what our practices achieve and how happy their practitioners are, not by how many dots appear on our partner map (though we’re very proud of our family of 80+ practices).

Let’s get started.

Leadership Team

Mark Ziller

President & Chief Executive Officer

Paul Covill

Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Andrea Sharma

Chief Financial Officer

Philip Bresson

Chief Legal Counsel
angie zigrossi

Angie Zigrossi

Vice President of Human Resources

Malia Rivera

Vice President of Marketing

Brittany Lopez

Vice President, Corporate Controller

Briget Rollins

Chief Operating Officer

Veterinary Leadership Group

Nikki Branam, DVM

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Chattanooga

Anjanette Cabeza, DVM

Doral Centre Animal Hospital

Jared Coren, DVM

West Hills Animal Hospital Family of Practices

Andrew Empel, DVM

Vernon Woods Animal Hospital

Kitrina Journell, DVM

Animal Hospital of Lewisville

Kathryn Junkins Sarpong, DVM, DABVP

Metro Paws Animal Hospital – White Rock
chad malpass

Chad Malpass, DVM

Archdale Animal Clinic & Westchester Veterinary Hospital

Stewart Silverman, DVM

Melrose Animal Clinic

Business Development

Elizabeth Gibson

Director of Business Development

Nikki Wilkinson

Regional Business Development Manager

Terri Lambe

Regional Business Development Manager

Lisa Clark

Regional Business Development Manager


Kevin Garcia

Tax Director

Misty Albright

Finance Manager

Christian Foust

Finance Manager

Joseph Provenzano

Senior Accountant

Alvina Prasla

Senior Accountant

Crystal Rainwater

Accounting Specialist

Sarina Crumley

Accounts Payable Specialist

Human Resources

Ashleigh Richardson

Director of Human Resources

Clarisse Carroll

Human Resources Operations Administrator

Mary Frederick

Human Resources Business Partner
Cate Marshall

Cate Marshall

HR Compliance Specialist

Jamie Swanson

HR Coordinator

Information Technology

Constantin Serban

Director of Information Technology

Tristan Bridgnanan

System Administrator


Kelly Clark

Legal Assistant


Carissa Schildt

Director of Digital Marketing

Tony Lopez

Creative Director

Kelsey Steele

Marketing Manager

Valentina Giovingo

Digital Coordinator

Caitlyn Chapa

Junior Graphic Designer

Jacklynne Horne

Marketing Business Partner

Onboarding & Development

Deb Kampschnieder

Director of Onboarding and Development

Maryfrances Gainey

Onboarding Specialist

Emily Pease

Onboarding Specialist


Stephen Tracey

Special Operations

Steven Golla, DVM

Regional Operations Manager

Elle Prior

Director of Operations

Erika Petrosino

Regional Operations Manager

Dawn Allport

Regional Operations Manager
Kristi Matthews PIC

Kristi Matthews

Regional Operations Manager

Samone Boyce

Regional Operations Manager
Misty Wilson, Area Manager

Misty Wilson

Area Manager

Shannon Harlow

Regional Operations Manager

Bridget Offerman

Area Manager

Courtney Kirkland

Online Pharmacy Technician

Deborah Roberts

Director Strategic Projects

Trey Knowles, CVA

Regional Operations Manager

Ellie Conway

Area Manager


Jessica Geary

Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor

Brianna Lotizero

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Holly Bacon

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Krystina Carter

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Emily Bradford

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Sarah McDowell

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Student Ambassadors


Connor O'Brien

Louisiana State University

Rebecca Williams

North Carolina State University

Courtney Leblanc

Mississippi State University

Breckyn Mclean

Texas A&M University

Alexandra Putre

Texas A&M University

Aubrie Rich

Kansas State

Gabriella Sikorski

Long Island University

Alison Dygert

University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
Joshua Philips

Joshua Phillips

University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

Ashley Oppermann

University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine
Sarah Gibney - Ohio State University

Sarah Gibney

Ohio State University