Fabric of Compassion Project

Innovetive Petcare cares. It’s really that simple. We care about our people, our practices, and our community. We want to be part of the solution for the problems our people and our profession face.

This year, Innovetive Petcare has launched the Fabric of Compassion Project to contribute to solutions for compassion fatigue and burnout.

  1. Innovetive Petcare rolled out an Employee Assistance Program to give team members additional resources and supports for managing both worklife and homelife.
  2. We published Put Your Oxygen Mask on First, a pocket book with self-assessments, tools, and resources for managing compassion fatigue, burnout, and depression.
  3. At veterinary conferences this year, we are inviting everyone to participate in our art project for the Fabric of Compassion Project that will support NOMV, an organization entirely devoted to supporting colleagues in crisis and reducing the veterinary suicide rate.

For more information about the Fabric of Compassion Project and to download an e-book version of Put Your Oxygen Mask on First, go to innovetivepetcare.com.