Innovetive Petcare Acquires Knoxville’s Leading Emergency / Referral Hospital

Innovetive Petcare, Inc., announced today the acquisition of Knoxville, Tennessee based, specialty veterinary hospital Animal Emergency Specialty Center (AESC). AESC becomes the first subsidiary of Innovetive Petcare, Inc., a veterinary hospital operator led by animal health industry executives Mark Ziller, CEO and Paul Covill, Vice President.

AESC is the leading specialty/emergency hospital in the Knoxville area. This referral-based practice focuses on surgical procedures, oncology, and emergency services for small companion animals. Innovetive Petcare will provide AESC a range of growth management and operational support services.

“AESC is a successful and growing specialty veterinary surgical center with an excellent team,” said Mr. Ziller. “It’s is a great model for other clinics. Working together, Innovetive Petcare and AESC will provide those in the Knoxville area with the very best in pet care.”

Through private equity partner Prospect Partners LLC, Innovetive Petcare possesses the resources and capital necessary to successfully acquire and invest in clinics, provide effective operational support, and develop a superior hospital network that implements best practices in management and animal care.

Mr. Ziller added, “Innovetive Petcare’s mission is to run a great business so veterinarians and their staff can focus on practicing medicine. We will provide a suite of best-of-breed business services to support and grow the clinic, while allowing the owners to reduce business risk through financial diversification, liquidity, and, when they are ready, an exit strategy.”

Currently, Innovetive Petcare seeks to acquire other profitable general practice and specialty/emergency veterinary clinics.