Two NY Practices Welcomed By Innovetive Petcare

State of the art, State of the Heart. It’s a slogan that perfectly encapsulates the standard of care at Newburgh Veterinary Hospital and All Creatures Veterinary Hospital.

Along the banks of the Hudson River, in the charming town of Newburgh, NY, Drs. Vic Dasaro and Ellen Friedman have built an incredible team of veterinarians dedicated to providing excellent pet care and their “open-door” policy that promises to see patients 7-days a week, albeit for an emergency, urgent care, or routine wellness.

Newburgh Veterinary Hospital and All Creatures Veterinary Hospital pride themselves on bringing the most comprehensive and advanced pet care options to the community, including CT scanning, rehabilitation therapy in their in-water treadmill, specialty surgery services, ultrasound, echocardiography, and advanced dental care for dogs, cats, exotics, and avian species.

While considering the continued growth of their practices and eventual exit strategies, Drs. Dasaro and Friedman decided to enlist the help of Monarch Business Consulting to find a strategic partner for the future. Brokerage firms help sellers sort through the options available and align with the right partner based on their specific wants and needs. In this case, Monarch Business Consulting went as far as facilitating a visit to the Innovetive Petcare home office, so Drs. Dasaro and Friedman could see the team(s) they’d be working with long term after making the decision to partner.

When asked to sum up the experience, Dr. Friedman had this to say:

“A unicorn experience! Elizabeth and Paul were responsive and intuitive [of] our needs and were able to understand our [strengths]. There is a great, positive energy to the team.”

Innovetive Petcare proudly welcomes Newburgh and All Creatures Veterinary Hospitals to the IPC family.

About Innovetive Petcare: Innovetive Petcare owns and operates 70 animal hospitals across 16 states that benefit from business management, professional development, and a great support team dedicated to helping veterinary practices prosper and grow. Innovetive Petcare oversees such areas as Human Resources, Recruiting, Marketing, Finance, Payroll, and Operational Support so veterinarians can provide exceptional patient care to clients and pet owners. To learn more about partnership with Innovetive Petcare and their network of veterinary partners, visit


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