Welcome Interns Class of 2021!

Innovetive Petcare Welcomes Interns Class of 2021 to Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville. Interns, Dr. Taylor Lewis, Dr. Leah Kasmark, and Dr. Lauren Fansler are already on the treatment floor and we look forward to their journey over the next 12 months.

Education and career development are an important part of Innovetive Petcare. In addition to supporting the development of our employees, we support up-and-coming veterinarians through internship and externship opportunities.

We offer 12-month rotating internships at our practices in Tennessee and North Carolina: Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga, and Carolina Animal Specialty & Emergency.

Fourth-year veterinary students are encouraged to enter into a Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program.

All of our internships are paid with CE allowance, and include medical, dental, and life insurance, flexible spending accounts, 401(k), and Paid Time Off.

We also offer veterinary externships at many of our Innovetive Petcare practices. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville received the Clinical Affiliate of the Year Award from Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU CVM) for offering clinical training to their first graduating class of veterinarians, among others.

We are always looking for ways to grow, enhance and share more information about our programs, please reach out today to learn more.

About Innovetive Petcare: Innovetive Petcare, based in Austin, TX, provides best-in-class service to its growing network of 47 veterinary hospitals across the country. Believing that excellent pet care comes from exceptional teams, Innovetive Petcare’s clinics benefit from tools, resources, and a supportive team dedicated to helping veterinary practices prosper, grow, and provide quality animal healthcare. Learn more at innovetivepetcare.com.


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