Super Regional Meeting 2022

Providing Opportunities to Meet Other Like-Minded Individuals Across Our Practices

On Jan 26th, Regional Operations Managers, Elle Prior, Stephen Tracey, and Steven C. Golla DVM, MS, brought together 20 Texas practice managers in Austin, TX for several days of idea sharing, problem solving, networking, and a whole lot of fun!

The 2022 Super Regional meeting is a perfect example of how our managers are living Innovetive Petcare’s core values of #collaboration, #growth, and #fun.

Our managers heard from strategic partners such as Conor Lucey of PetDesk and Zoetis who spoke on topics that enhance our client experience, including how to battle compassion fatigue, not only their own but of their dedicated team members.

We were also appreciative to have representatives from our Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing teams on hand to speak to and meet so many of our practice leaders live and in person — many for the first time!

We also had the opportunity to spoil our tireless managers with some relaxation, including a trip to the local aquarium and much-needed massages.

These Super Regional meetings are just one of the many ways we embody the #ipcdifference. Providing opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals across our family of practices allows us to invest in their development. And, as we’ve found time and time again, when you invest in your people, they invest in you!

About Innovetive Petcare: Innovetive Petcare owns and operates 63 animal hospitals across 15 states that benefit from business management, professional development, and a great support team dedicated to helping veterinary practices prosper and grow. Innovetive Petcare oversees such areas as Human Resources, Recruiting, Marketing, Finance, Payroll, and Operational Support so veterinarians can provide exceptional patient care to clients and pet owners. To learn more about partnership with Innovetive Petcare and their network of veterinary partners, visit


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