Simpsonville Animal Hospital Joins Innovetive Petcare

Greenville County is the upstate cultural and entertainment center of South Carolina. There is always something to explore with an award-winning downtown, large convention, exhibition, and performing arts centers, nationally recognized museums, 55+ state-of-the-art parks and waterfalls, and a thriving culinary and winery scene. Situated in the “Golden Strip,” at the Southeastern end of the county, is the high-end suburb of Simpsonville, SC. There you will find the newest addition to our family of hospitals, Simpsonville Animal Hospital! Innovetive Petcare is proud to welcome Dr. Melanie Keller, her husband, Dan Keller, and their fantastic staff!

Simpsonville is one of the fastest-growing areas in the Southeast. It offers a small-town vibe with extensive city amenities, including its 15,000-seat amphitheater. Simpsonville Animal Hospital sits amidst this thriving community, offering exceptional medicine and advanced care. In addition to quality medicine, they have a reputation for their positive culture, excellent customer service, and emphasis on client education.

Like some sellers, they sought a financial advisor’s aid in navigating conversations and facilitating compatible partnership opportunities. Dr. Keller and her husband, Dan, felt the more they researched and spoke to references, the more Innovetive Petcare aligned with the partnership and culture they sought.

“We were very pleased with IPC’s opportunities for collaboration with other partners, especially coming from a VMG background. Terri Lambe, Regional Business Development Manager, was very personable, answered all our questions, and represented IPC as a company that really cared about their select, individual clinics. Additionally, their references had many positive things to say about their own transitions, even those who partnered despite having family in the practice who were veterinarians they could’ve partnered with exclusively. So far, the experience has been much easier than we even anticipated, and I feel the weight of management duties significantly lightening. Deb Kampschnieder, Director of Onboarding and Development, has been incredibly responsive, making for a seamless onboarding process and a tremendous support system for our practice manager. Emily Pease, Onboarding Specialist, has also been very helpful in managing the smaller details of onboarding which make a big difference.”

— Dr. Melanie Keller

About Innovetive Petcare: Innovetive Petcare owns and operates 67 animal hospitals across 15 states that benefit from business management, professional development, and a great support team dedicated to helping veterinary practices prosper and grow. Innovetive Petcare oversees such areas as Human Resources, Recruiting, Marketing, Finance, Payroll, and Operational Support so veterinarians can provide exceptional patient care to clients and pet owners. To learn more about partnership with Innovetive Petcare and their network of veterinary partners, visit


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