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Dictation Software Helps Our Veterinarians Save Time While Providing Excellent Pet Care

Innovetive Petcare is proud to announce we are offering an exciting new dictation tool, Talkatoo, to our growing family of general and specialty veterinary practices. Talkatoo helps our veterinarians save time while providing excellent care for pets — and not on paperwork!

Talkatoo is a revolutionary veterinary dictation software that uses artificial intelligence to reform the way veterinarians, and their team members, complete their chart notes. With the simple click of a button, our medical professionals can now dictate their notes and Talkatoo handles all the typing for them, cutting their documentation time in half with its speech-to-text capability.  Talkatoo’s dictation software even includes 4,348 specialized veterinary words in its dictionary, removing worries related to accuracy, word comprehension, and grammar. See how easy it is to use Talkatoo in this short video clip from Innovetive Petcare’s partner, Animal Medical Center of Austin.

Why We Chose Talkatoo   

We are excited to invest in innovative tools like Talkatoo for our veterinary clinics,” says Josh Jasper, Regional Operations Manager at Innovetive Petcare. “Being able to provide clinics with time-saving technology allows them to focus both on their clients and, more importantly, themselves.”

The introduction of Talkatoo to our veterinary practices goes beyond capturing notes efficiently – it is a matter of wellness.  Being part of a veterinary team requires an abundance of passion, energy, and commitment. Innovetive Petcare is confident the addition of Talkatoo will help decrease overall stress, increase client experience, and give our team members back time to spend on themselves and with their families. We are enthusiastic about integrating such a powerful tool in our veterinary practices, paving the way for efficiency, automation, and work-life balance across the veterinary industry… one word at a time!

About Innovetive Petcare: Innovetive Petcare owns and operates 63 animal hospitals across 15 states that benefit from business management, professional development, and a great support team dedicated to helping veterinary practices prosper and grow. Innovetive Petcare oversees such areas as Human Resources, Recruiting, Marketing, Finance, Payroll, and Operational Support so veterinarians can provide exceptional patient care to clients and pet owners. To learn more about partnership with Innovetive Petcare and their network of veterinary partners, visit innovetivepetcare.com.


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