Innovetive Petcare Enters Innovative New Partnership With

Forget Baby Blankets: Innovetive Petcare Becomes First Veterinary Company to Give Employees who are New Parents the “Gift of College”

CEDAR PARK, Texas. [January 30, 2020] — Innovetive Petcare, a veterinary management company of 21 animal practices across six states is proud to announce a strategic partnership with In a collaboration that is ground-breaking in the veterinary industry, Innovetive Petcare aims to better support their veterinary employees and children by adding tax-advantaged 529 college savings plans to their company’s benefits package, a revolutionary gifting and payroll deduction program. The partnership with signifies Innovetive Petcare’s continued commitment to their employees with hopes they can create awareness of how companies like theirs can better alleviate the student debt epidemic faced by veterinary professionals nationwide.

Addison and Arabelle with their Gift of College

Launching March 1, 2020, every new mother and father employed by Innovetive Petcare will receive a gift card with an initial contribution to start their own 529 college savings plan. With higher education, student debt and professional stressors on the rise, Innovetive Petcare wants to give its employees a sense of security towards their education.

For employees who are not parents, Innovetive Petcare encourages them to share awareness of 529 college savings plans with loved ones and to consider using and its social sharing feature when birthdays and holidays approach.

“Innovetive Petcare believes that the quality of veterinary medicine is defined by the wellbeing of their employees,” said Mark Ziller, President & CEO of Innovetive Petcare. “Our partnership with demonstrates that investment by enabling access to higher education and minimizing the debt potentially faced for decades to come.”

Innovetive Petcare Wants to Make 529 as Familiar as 401(k)
Student debt is a $1.6+ trillion-dollar crisis with many veterinary graduates paying their loans for years after their convocation. The immediate veterinary crisis, from high-suicide rates to moral stressors, undoubtedly needs a solution. Innovetive Petcare wanted to get employees and new parents educated about 529 college savings plans as early as possible, so they chose to work with to streamline the process by creating automatic payroll deductions that contribute directly to a 529 account. For those without children or student debt, Innovetive Petcare employees can still create a 529 college savings account to contribute to their own future learning, especially for later-in-life learners or those obtaining advanced degrees, and/or can create an account for a loved one (a grandchild, niece or nephew, for instance).

“We are thrilled to help Innovetive Petcare redefine employee benefits in the veterinary industry and beyond,” said Wayne Weber, CEO & Founder of “Together, and Innovetive Petcare will prove that today’s student loan debt crisis can be solved through employer support and financial planning.”

Innovetive Petcare is Redefining Employee Health and Wellness Benefits
Innovetive Petcare was founded on a mission to improve animal practices by improving the culture of their employees. The company advocates for a work-life balance, continued education, best in class resources and the quality of medicine they deliver to clients.

“Mark and I saw alignment between our company and the mission of,” said Malia Rivera, Vice President Marketing of Innovetive Petcare. “ improves lives by providing progressive solutions to the challenges faced by the veterinary industry every single day. This partnership marks a true evolution in health and wellness benefits.”

Innovetive Petcare believes their partnership with will enrich and empower their employees in all aspects of their lives, not just professional, making Innovetive Petcare the company that paves the way as a new standard in the veterinary industry and in companies across America.

About Innovetive Petcare: Innovetive Petcare, based in Cedar Park, TX, provides best-in-class service to its growing network of 21 veterinary hospitals across the country. Believing that excellent pet care comes from exceptional teams, Innovetive Petcare’s clinics benefit from tools, resources, and a supportive team dedicated to helping veterinary practices prosper, grow, and provide quality animal healthcare. Learn more at

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