Innovetive Petcare Donates to Support Dogs on Deployment

Dogs On DeploymentInnovetive Petcare made a donation to Dogs on Deployment, a non-profit organization that supports our men and women in our military by boarding their pets while they are aware on deployment.

Innovetive Petcare financially supports our employees, their causes, and the communities in which they are involved through employee-directed charitable giving. The funds that were donated to Dogs on Deployment were generated through the volunteer efforts of our employees.  Through Innovetive Petcare’s BRIDGE program, for every hour our employees volunteer at a worthwhile cause, Innovetive Petcare makes a financial contribution.  Our employees select Dogs on Deployment to receive these funds for 2015.

Check out the video of Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s own Katie Brown at the recent World Dogs Awards where there was a live reunion of an active duty solder and his pet, “Saint”.