Innovetive Petcare today announced it acquired Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic in Johns Island, S.C. This acquisition is Innovetive Petcare’s first veterinary practice in South Carolina, extending Innovetive Petcare’s reach and offerings.

Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic combines traditional western veterinary services with additional therapies for chronic conditions. Their integrated approach includes Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine where appropriate for simple and cost-effective ways to manage chronic pain, arthritis, and other debilitating diseases.

Dr. Ruth Roberts opened Sun Dog Cat Moon in 2007. A graduate of North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Roberts practiced traditional western medicine for many years, expanding her skill set with important treatment and diagnostic modalities including ultrasound and laser surgery. In 2006, she began studying and incorporating Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine into her practice and later became certified in acupuncture, herbology, food therapy, and regenerative medicine. Her integrated approach and exceptional client and patient care has allowed the practice to grow to three doctors with a thriving clientele.

Regarding the transition to Innovetive Petcare’s leadership, Dr. Roberts said, “Innovetive provided the leadership team and support I knew would be essential to helping Sun Dog Cat Moon grow and scale smoothly, so that the relationships we have with our clients and patients remain strong. I know Innovetive will be able to support my staff with education and benefits in a way I never could. As my staff grows in knowledge and skill, it will allow Sun Dog Cat Moon to grow and serve our community better.”

“Integrative medical care is the heart and soul of Sun Dog Cat Moon and we are thrilled that our future involves Innovetive Petcare in our endeavor to serve the pet community in Charleston, S.C.,” added practice manager Kathryn Higgs.

Innovetive Petcare’s commitment to the practice started on day one, supporting a practice renovation that was already under way. Innovetive Petcare brings an expert management team to guide and support the practice. Innovetive Petcare CEO and President Mark Ziller reports, “We are thrilled that Sun Dog Cat Moon has joined the Innovetive Petcare family. It is a vital and forward-thinking practice with tremendous potential. We see the value in the full breadth of veterinary practice types and look forward to assisting Sun Dog Cat Moon in achieving its goals and potential.”

Innovetive Petcare now owns eleven veterinary practices throughout the U.S. and seeks to acquire other general and referral veterinary practices as it continues to build the nation’s premier family of veterinary hospitals.