Innovetive Petcare Adopts Digital Marketing Tools Similar to the Hospitality Industry

How the pandemic helped fast-track touchless technology-driven solutions for their veterinary practices

AUSTIN, TX – (Feb 1, 2021) – Innovetive Petcare, a veterinary network of more than 41 veterinary clinics across the central southeast U.S. follows suit of the hospitality industry by introducing QR codes, online waitlist solutions, and use of video in their recruiting, marketing and client-experience efforts. With the world adjusting to operating under pandemic-created constraints, Innovetive Petcare has embraced the utilization of more touchless solutions to position its veterinarians and animal practices for ongoing growth and success.

“We need to continually meet the emerging needs of our clients as well as those of our veterinary practices. People are viewing food menus by QR code. We should be more familiar now with the QR code reader from our mobile phones,” says Mark Ziller, CEO and co-founder of Innovetive Petcare. “Adding QR codes to our branding allows us to maximize the capabilities of mobile devices and encourage technology adoption in the veterinary industry.”

To support the growing number of veterinary clinics, Innovetive Petcare has added QR codes to their veterinary recruiting ads, professional development opportunities, even linking codes to video tours of their veterinary practices for recruiting candidates virtually. Creating more personalized, efficient communication channels for today’s pet owners and veterinarians remain a top priority for Innovetive Petcare.

While QR codes are an easy way to access information without memorizing a website address, several of Innovetive’s walk-in only clinics have added a digital waitlist solution to their websites. Busy clinics like Country Brook Animal Hospital in Garland, Texas have added Waitwhile, a virtual waitlist also seen at restaurants, not only for social distancing measures, but for the ability to create a better client experience when wait times are longer than usual. Veterinarians see the benefits because when clients know where they are in line virtually, they can better optimize their time and the frustration associated with a long wait time tends to dissipate once their pet enters the exam room.

Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic in New Braunfels, Texas, added Airvet, a telemedicine solution allowing their practice to use video chat, make contactless payments, and provide after-hours support to pet owners from any mobile device. Clients are now able to eliminate drive times (especially in rural areas), add flexibility in scheduling options, even lessening pet owner anxiety by communicating virtually with their veterinary clinic sooner rather than later.

“Having this option allows more appointments regarding minor health issues to be resolved quickly and promptly. With direct access to our clinic virtually especially during the day, we can allocate in-person appointment times to more severe cases,” says Chisholm Trail’s Medical Director, Charlotte Dawson, DVM, MRCVS.

Innovetive Petcare continues to introduce new and innovative tactics to better connect with pet owners, their growing number of animal clinics and veterinarians nationwide so there is more comfort around the benefits technology can provide to one’s day-to-day activities- even if it’s just taking your pet to the veterinarian. 

About Innovetive Petcare: Innovetive Petcare, based in Austin, TX, provides best-in-class service to its growing network of 41 veterinary hospitals across the country. Believing that excellent pet care comes from exceptional teams, Innovetive Petcare’s clinics benefit from tools, resources, and a supportive team dedicated to helping veterinary practices prosper, grow, and provide quality animal healthcare. Learn more at


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