Welcome Copeland Veterinary Hospital and Flatt Veterinary Clinic

We warmly welcome the teams of Copeland Veterinary Hospital and Flatt Veterinary Clinic into the Innovetive Petcare family!

Copeland Veterinary Hospital began its journey in 1970 under the guidance of Dr. John Copeland and, shortly after in 1975, Dr. Jerry Flatt opened the doors of Flatt Veterinary Clinic down the road. The two continued down separate paths as friendly competitors until Dr. Flatt’s retirement in 2019, when Dr. Copeland and his team took over ownership of the hospital.

Collectively, the hospitals have continued to grow as they serve the community of Cookeville, Tennessee, and both locations have expansion projects in the pipeline or underway today. They pride themselves on their consecutive wins as “Best of the Best” in Veterinary Services by the readers of The Herald-Citizen and, perhaps more importantly, the partnership they have fostered with the Putnam County Animal Shelter to provide free care to any sick or injured animal brought in.

Every doctor that starts a conversation with the team at Innovetive Petcare comes bearing a story, and Dr. Copeland is no exception. A longtime friend and colleague of previous IPC partners, Dr. Barry Gordon and Dr. Randy Lange, Dr. Copeland had plenty of insight into their experiences to what has and, more importantly, hasn’t changed in the two to three years since they respectively came on board.

Longtime Hospital Administrator, Kristin Gunnels, outlined the decision to move forward with a partnership as such:

“The primary catalyst for seeking a partner is our necessity for structure and stability as we move forward. Our founder, Dr. Copeland, will turn 81 years of age next month, and it is of the utmost importance for our team to protect his legacy and all the positive changes he has helped create in our wonderful community. Innovetive, from our initial conversations and beyond, has proven to be an honest company, based on fostering growth along with maintaining practice individuality. We have been impressed at their level of integrity and transparency throughout the process of selecting a veterinary management company. This is the best decision for our practices so that, in another fifty years, we are still the cornerstone of veterinary care in our area.”

We are honored to be entrusted with such an esteemed legacy and look forward to serving the people of Putnam County alongside the Copeland and Flatt teams!

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