Benefits for Veterinarians Aren’t Always on the Job Description

Rayanne Muenich was 12 years old when her beloved show lamb, April, had a bad hernia. Her family’s veterinarian was Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic in Luling, Texas, a place where you aren’t just a client, you are family. It was during this period of her life, Rayanne made a pivotal, life-long connection with the Chisholm Trail veterinary team, led by Steven Golla, DVM, MS Medical Director and Area Veterinary Manager for Innovetive Petcare.

Inspired to become a veterinarian, Rayanne attended Texas A&M University for her undergraduate degree and then went on to apply to veterinary school.

But she did not get any interviews.

Disappointed, she remembered her childhood veterinarian, Dr. Golla and looked to him for advice.

“Quit your job,” he said, “And come work for me. We will work together to accomplish your goal.”

Dr. Golla remembers how he put this brutal life-choice in front of Rayanne. It wasn’t easy. But some people just listen and others listen and act.

Rayanne took Dr. Golla’s advice. She quit her job and became a technician at Dr. Golla’s Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic in Lockhart, Texas. She learned as much as she possibly could towards pursuing her dream career.


Today, she received her acceptance into Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine (with another interview with Texas Tech!) Congratulations Rayanne!

Dr. Golla believes that relationship-building is absolutely fundamental as part of his role as a veterinarian and leader. Whether it is helping clients, patients, veterinary students, or his team, Dr. Golla’s altruistic nature is why becoming a veterinarian was the right career path for him. He believes, “the ‘real job benefits’ of a veterinarian isn’t just a salary or a medical plan. It’s the chance to surround yourself with individuals like Rayanne, dedicating time to believe in them and being a part of their professional growth. And I get to save the lives of animals too!”

Being a great veterinarian takes grit, but it also takes heart.

That is why benefits for veterinarians aren’t always written in the job description. The true job benefits are the authentic, empathetic relationships created with the people, pets and communities they serve every single day.

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