American Idol, Cosmetics Design, and Travel Journalism: The Eclectic Pasts Of Our 3 New Marketing Team Members!

Although the roles of Innovetive Petcare’s three new hires—Zac Longobardi as Digital Strategist, Jacki Horne as Marketing Business Partner – Texas, and Marnie Brodersen as Copywriter—are quite different, we’ve already seen the ways these new additions align perfectly with the IPC Difference. And what you might find most interesting are some of the common threads from their varied backgrounds.

Zac Longobardi, Digital Strategist

(Austin, TX)

Zac Longobardi, Digital Strategist at Innovetive Petcare

Zac is a true analyst at heart, and it’s easy to see his wheels turning within seconds of viewing a website, web page, or any other digital tool. But don’t let his analytical mind fool you, as this once aspiring Dolphin Trainer has already unleashed a bunch of creative ideas that will surely help clinics shoot to the top of any search engine. While his brain works on the granular level, his inspiration shows his ability to think outside the box. Zac looks forward to enlisting his extensive SEO background to help clinics in highly-skilled, strategic ways that will drive traffic to websites, attract top-notch talent, and improve their bottom line. As for his claim to fame? Zac played a key role in branding and scaling Grande Cosmetics, so you could very well have seen his packaging designs at Sephora! Although born in New York, Zac now lives in Austin and loves spending his free time exploring the area.

Jacki Horne, Marketing Business Partner – Texas

(Austin, TX)

Jacki Horne, Marketing Business Partner at Innovetive Petcare

Jacki’s claim to fame easily comes from the start of her career, as she spent the first couple of years after getting her degree in Public Relations at Texas State University traveling the globe as a freelance journalist—writing about music festivals, concerts, and artists—ooh la la! After spending some years in Colorado as an activation specialist in the distilled spirits industry, she moved back to Austin and returned to Texas State to get her Master’s Degree in Rhetoric and Composition. Jacki looks forward to using her impressive communication skills and background in marketing to help clinics become more efficient, maintain fiscal responsibility, and enlist best practices across all mediums to crush the competition. Though she jokes that some doubt her authentic roots due to being born in Cedar Park, Jacki considers herself a true “Austinite”.

Marnie Brodersen, Copywriter

(Carlsbad, CA)

Marnie Brodersen, Copywriter at Innovetive Petcare

Marnie comes to the table with nearly 20 years of copywriting experience in entertainment, marketing, advertising, print, and more. A gypsy at heart, she’s gone from Buffalo, NY, to a suburb of Chicago for high school, Iowa City for college, Denver for a Master’s in Psychology— ending up in idyllic Carlsbad, CA (though we hope to get her out here in Austin at some point!). She excels at blogging and any form of writing, but her specialty is taking other people’s copy and “punching it up” to ensure it’s making an emotional impact. She looks forward to using these skills to bolster what clinics are already excelling at while conveying best practices on areas that could benefit from a seasoned eye. She and Zac will be working closely to ensure that all content will be highly optimized. Marnie’s claim to fame? She got her start as the Copywriter for many years ago, and, yes, she did meet Simon Cowell (but, no, she didn’t meet Ryan Seacrest!).

Fun Facts and Fur Babies

As for those common threads previously mentioned? All three of these Innovetive Petcare “newbies” love to be active, with Zac enjoying swims at the river, Jacki teaching yoga in her spare time, and Marnie an admitted “Peloton junkie”. And as is the case with just about every Innovetive Petcare employee, our new team members walk the walk when it comes to pet ownership. Zac has the most adorable button-nosed cat named Chloe, Jacki has a long history of adopting senior pets but, currently, has Doodle named Ru-Paw (securing her spot as the best pet-namer), and Marnie has a senior pug named Pumpkin and a (very!) senior cat named Bo.

Please join us in welcoming Zac, Jacki, and Marnie to the Innovetive Petcare team!