55 Years Dedicated to Veterinary Medicine

A CSR Role That Began in 1972 Spans Five Decades of Client Care

Pet owners, clients and the Long Island community recognize Locust Valley Veterinary Clinic for their excellent pet care. What many don’t realize is their service and dedication to the gold standard of medicine goes beyond annual exams, it’s their team members who have made all the difference.

Meet Anne Delaney, Client Services Representative, a pillar of the veterinary community who has dedicated her life to serving pets and their owners for over fifty years.

Having such a long career came naturally, after all, Anne has loved animals her entire life. Her mother told her once she was married,  “she could have as many pets as she wanted.” Anne took that message to heart and once she married, she readily added 5 cats and 2 dogs to her growing family.

Her life’s work started in 1972, when Anne began her veterinary career working alongside Dr. Stuart Gross at East Meadow Animal Hospital. She followed her mentor to Locust Valley Veterinary Clinic once the location opened in 2003. Collectively known for their grace, compassion, and love for patients, Anne and Dr. Gross provided unparalleled service together for generations of Nassau County families. Anyone who has worked the front lines of a bustling animal clinic knows that role is not an easy one without pure commitment.

Work anniversaries and clinic milestones are extraordinary occasions that deserve recognition, and the Innovetive Petcare team was ecstatic to hear about Anne Delaney’s landmark career.

What better way to celebrate the occasion than Innovetive Petcare’s Director of Onboarding and Development, Deb Kampschnieder, and Regional Operations Manager, Joshua Jasper, flying to New York to surprise Anne and her Locust Valley veterinary team. Clients and family members readily joined the festivities (unbeknownst to Anne) and the outpour of love was a true tribute to all the lives she impacted. Stories were shared and memories captured, but most importantly, Anne’s legacy was celebrated as our Innovetive Petcare partner, our friend and our family.

When asked what’s next for Anne? She looks forward to spoiling her now 3 dogs, “Forest,”  a Lab mix, “Peanut,” a Rat Terrier mix and, “Callie ,” an Australian Shepherd who is also deaf.

Please join us is recognizing Anne for her fifty years of veterinary service.

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